Top 7 Android Mobile Phones for Students in 2017

Are you also interested in Android smartphones? If yes, then here is the list of some of the best ones for you. Basically, Android has the largest market share in the field of the smartphone, and its popularity is increasing day by day, especially among students. But, the choice among so many Android mobiles phones becomes difficult, especially when you consider manufacturer, features, and benefits of each one.

The below listed devices will go to be the best versions of their own, and they are just going to rock the technology with their impressive features, quality, and uniqueness. Therefore, there will be a huge competition in the market in 2017, and that is the reason we are gathering some of the best one’s details for you as a student.
Below mentioned is the list of top 7 and best Android mobile phones for students in 2017:

7Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

One of the best Android mobile phone for students is Samsung galaxy S7 edge. Now, it is no longer the semi gimmick as it was before. Although some of the features are same as that of galaxy S5 but it has given fans what they are expecting from the Samsung. This Android phone now a refined and highly sophisticated piece of technology.



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